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Lieblingsbücher: My favorite books are so to speak uhm picture books (frankly, they're rather magazines than books, huh-huh-huh, if you know what I mean), but Alfonzo warned me to quote the titles, otherwise the youth protectors of the FSM (who the hell is that?) most likely will go totally apeshit again. I better keep my mouth shut on this subject.

Lieblingsfilme: I really admire some newer Eastern European productions which feature some of my favorite uhm actresses, such as Angel Dark or ... but wait, Alfonzo's calling, I have to remain silent on this subject, too (damn m&%§erf&%$ers!). So forget Hungarian movies and watch this bullshit instead (if you have a strong stomach).

Lieblingsmusik: Hah-hah, these are some nasty sluts: Motor Driven Bimbo by Rockbitch.

Lieblingsessen: A giant T-bone-steak with lots of french fries and gallons of hot habanero chili ketchup. You bet!

Lieblingsgetränk: Why? Beer, of course!

Sonstige Vorlieben: I'm a catholic. I go to church every Sunday. (Just kidding!)

Abneigungen: Assholes and m&%§erf&%$ers!

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